Book Talk - Traditional
Book Report RUBRIC (Total of 10 Points) Drections for specific book report template are followed correctly: (8 points) --book report contains all specified elements --paragraphs have 5 or more sentences each --paragraphs stay focused and on topic --each paragraph contains topic sentence, supporting/detail sentences, and conclusion sentence --report is typed or completed in blue or black inkAll work is neat and complete (1 point)

Report contains no spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or grammar errors (1 point) TOTAL = 10 points

Book Report Poster
Book Report - Cereal Box Instructions
Cereal Box - Template A
Cereal Box - Template B
Classic Book Report

Fitting the Character to a T Book Report

Problems and Solutions Book Report

Sum It Up Book Report

Digital Book Project
1. Fill out the organizer for your book project.
2. Choose which product that you would like to create to share the information about your book. All projects should incorporate technology and all of the information from the organizer.
  • PowerPoint - Create a PowerPoint presentation about your book. Use clip art, sounds, transitions, etc. to give a summary and review of your book.
  • Glogster - Use this online program to create a virtual poster for your book.
  • Photostory – Create a Photostory about your book. You can draw or use digital camera pictures to tell your story. Add narration to your slides.
  • Voicethread – Create a voicethread telling the details about your book. You must have at least 4 “chapters” to your voicethread. You will get extra points for each comment that is made about your finished report. (1 pt – Red Smith student, 2 pts – Red Smith staff member, 3 pts – Someone outside of Red Smith (parent or relative))
  • Podcast – Create a podcast giving the details about your book. A podcast is a type of online radio show that people subscribe to for information. Mrs. DeVillers will help you publish your podcast to the web.
  • CD – Create a CD that contains three songs about your novel (character, summary, conflict/resolution). You can write an original song or write lyrics to a familiar tune. You will be responsible for creating a cover for the CD case. Mrs. DeVillers can help you burn your CD.
  • Book Talk – Create a book talk (which will be shared with other reading and language arts classes).
  • Wiki Page – Create a wiki page devoted to your book. This page must be written in paragraph form and include a picture of your novel. The page will need to be a minimum of 6 paragraphs. (1 intro, 1 characters, 3 summary, 1 recommendation)

You will present your project to our Reading class on Friday, December 21st. Your presentation should be 5-10 minutes and should incorporate every member of your group. Group members should have equal responsibility in the project and presentation. You will be filling out a private self-evaluation form to tell me how your group worked together.

We will take some time each day (approximately 20 minutes daily) to work on our book projects since a lot of them will need to be done at school.

Please refer to your rubric make sure that you have included everything that you need to show off the novel that you have completed.

Cereal Box Book Report
Students will decorate a real cereal box with illustrations and information related to the book they are reading using the directions below.

FRONT OF THE BOX: Use a piece of white or light colored paper to cover the front of your cereal box. (You will probably want to create the cover before gluing it on your box.) Include the name of the cereal and a picture. Invent a name for the cereal that is related to the title of the book and sounds like a cereal. Do not use the exact title of the book. You may want to look at some real cereal boxes to get some ideas. Choose a shape for the cereal as well as colors and ingredients that all relate to the book. For example, for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, you might invent a cereal called Wizard Wands, a toasted oat cereal in the shape of miniature lightning bolts.

RIGHT SIDE OF BOX: Make a list of ingredients that includes the story elements, characters, and setting. Under the heading “Ingredients,” list the main characters and write a sentence about each one. Then describe the setting. You can use the template on the attached sheet or cover the side with white or light colored paper and do it in your own way. Just make sure you include the main character and the setting.

LEFT SIDE OF BOX: Write a summary that describes the main problem and the solution of the book. Try words that will “grab” readers’ attention and make them want to buy your cereal. You can use the attached template or do this your own way.

BACK OF BOX: Using the provided diagram, fill in the key events from your novel in order to create a detailed plot mountain. Also, be sure to fill in the strategies form and turn it in along with your completed cereal box. You should be writing FULL post-its as you read your novel to record your thoughts. What reading strategies did you use? Select your best 6 post-its and rewrite them in the provided strategies box.

TOP OF BOX: Include the title, author, genre, number of pages, and number of stars you would give this book if you were a book critic. The maximum number of stars you can give your book is 5. You can use the template or create the top of the box yourself as long as you include all of the things listed above.

PRIZE: Cereal boxes often include a prize. Your prize must be something the main character could have used in the book or something that reminds you of the main character. You can even include a picture of the prize on the front of your box to let the reader know what is inside the box.

ORAL PRESENTATION: Your presentation will be a 1-3 minute television commercial. Practice your commercial to make sure of the wording and the timing. Do not just encourage the audience by using opinion words (exciting, great, interesting, best, good, etc.), but also by featuring elements of the book- scenes, facts, etc. Be dynamic and try to convince the audience to buy the cereal whether you liked the book or not.

Extra Credit: You could…
  • Act it out - Be a character from the book when you present your commercial (act and dress like them)
  • Make a song - Create and sing a song or jingle as your presentation
  • Make a movie - Record your television commercial and play it for our class

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Examples of Cereal Box Book Reports