We will be doing our reading logs online at Biblionasium.

Here are a few important pieces of info regarding our reading logs:
  1. Your username is your regular username that you use to log in to your computer.
  2. Your password is password until you change it to your own password (should be the same password you normally use to log in to your computer).
  3. If you have an issues with logging in, and you've tried several times, in several different ways, and maybe asked an adult for help, please email Mrs. DeVillers and she can reset your information!
  4. Remember that you must first add the book you're reading to "My Books" before you can count it toward the reading you do on your "Reading Log."

Reading log requirements:
  1. Every Monday, I will be running a report of the books, pages, and minutes you have read.
    1. You must read an average of 20 minutes daily. This adds up to 140 minutes per week.
    2. You will earn up to 5 points per week for your online reading log. If you read less than 140 minutes, I will figure out what percentage of 140 minutes you have read and you will earn that percentage of 5 points